Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It has been an eventful year at Royal Arts Academy; New entrants, faces,budding stars and exciting productions.  Here are some of our highlights so far: 

1.    The successful screening of 'I’ll Take My Chances' in cinemas nationwide.
2.    The filming of the Royal Arts Academy Student’s soap: A perfect love.
3.    The second half of the year promises to be no less eventful. 


·       I'll Take My Chances explores the age old rift between religion and tradition, the archaic and the Enlightened as seen through the eyes of two star-crossed lovers.

Kiss and Tell: Iyke, the ultimate player is the best of friends with Bernard, except when it comes to Blue Quest, the firm they run together. When Delphine, a gorgeous divorcee who has sworn of men, walks into Iyke’s life, he makes a wager with his friend to sleep with her in ten days or sell his controlling shares in the company. What Iyke didn’t bargain for, was fall for his prey.


IUdeme Mi: Ima is the only daughter of a wealthy man who indulges her a lot. When he died unexpectedly, he leaves his wealth to her on one condition: She has to be married.  To resolve the situation, she marries Asuquo who was to help her claim her inheritance. But unknown to Ima and her relatives, Asuquo had other plans.
Okon goes to School: A Sequel to Okon Lagos. After Okon, an encentric hunter wastes a fortune on wine and women, he enrols in University to study Money Management. What he doesn’t bargain for is cultism and women trouble, and what school doesn’t bargain for is Okon and his crazy antics.

·       Kokomma:  Kokomma has to hawk to support her family.But being a pretty girl, men wants to buy more than the products on offer. Her mother decides to send her to Lagos to save her from men’s prying eyes. But will she really be safe?

·       Bridge of Hope: Kufre has a phobia for commitment. Until he meets Chisom, a young girl with a troubled past and many secrets. Can his love stand the test of time?

·       Mrs Somebody:
Kaira wants to marry. It doesn’t matter who. She is willing to do anything just to be called Mrs Somebody.

Other releases:
Holding Hope, Midnight Whispers,Broken Silence, 
Weekend Getaway.