Thursday, April 23, 2015


Royal Arts Academy will host a short film competition themed “PROUDLY YOUNG, PROUDLY NAIJA” exclusively for Royal Arts students, past and present.

Students will be given a designated period to shoot and submit a short movie (maximum of 15 minutes) using the theme to tell an inspiring story centered around youths in today’s Nigeria.

The entries will be judged by a jury, comprising experienced screenwriters, producers, actors and directors, including Emem Isong who will pick out the ten best entries and upload them online for public to view and vote their favourite.
When the voting period closes and the winning short film known, it will be announced at the movie premiere of “Spotlight”, a movie produced by Royal Arts Academy featuring mainly its student and for which the short film contest is named.

The Spotlight Academy Awards aims to reward students of Royal Arts Academy yearly with the opportunity to have a career in the industry. It will encourage team work, creativity, diligence, competition-mindedness, and importantly in today’s youths, seriousness and focus, knowing that their effort will result in glory. It is a fabulous way to employ otherwise jobless but highly skilled young filmmakers. It will also infuse the lifeblood of youths into an industry.