Friday, November 22, 2013


Royal Arts Academy gets set to release a new blockbuster titled 'Lagos Cougars'! The movie is about 
three women in their forties, bored with life, who decide to let go of their inhibitions and take a walk on the wild side. They indulge in relationships with some young, hot studs!  The result? One long, delicious pleasure ride! Get ready. The cougars have come to town!

Produced by Emem Isong and directed by Desmond Elliot, it stars Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jombo, Danielle Okeke, Bobby Michaels, Alex Ekubo, Sean Faqua, Diana Yekinni, Ben Toitou and Ifeanyi Kalu.The movie is will be screened nation wide as from the December 6th. Mark that date in your calendar ‘coz this film is smoking. It’s got everything in it… eye candy, bootiliciousness, love, drama, action… and every thing in between! Check out some of the stars in the film.

                                                                   Uche Jombo-Rodriguez

Monalisa Chinda
Bobby Michaels
Alex Ekubo
Ifeanyi Kalu & Danielle Okeke
Sean Fuqua
Ben Touitou
                                                                     Diana Yekinni
Don't miss it!

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