Thursday, September 5, 2013


The birthday messages continue to pour in for our C.E.O and Chairman, Emem Isong! This is a tribute written by Bola Aduwo, a Consultant Publicist, writer and friend of many years to Emem. It first appeared on her entertainment website but we felt we should repost it here for your perusal!
 Today is the birthday of popular Nollywood producer & writer Emem Isong. I along with several others, I salute her. As she marks another year in her journey through life, I want to take this time out to pay tribute to this astute producer, talented writer and game changer. We do not meet many like her often so when we do, I believe it is necessary to give honour to whom honour is due.

I met Emem several years ago as a first year student in the secondary school, Federal Government Girls College, Calabar. Emem then was quiet but very witty, funny and passionate about drama. Even then, I remember that if there was anything that had to do with dance, drama and culture she was always very interested and involved. I met up again with her after University and she had just resigned her job from the bank and had shot her first movie ‘Breaking Point’ and was looking for how to market it. I (from a conservative Yoruba background) was amazed at her passion and her guts. To be doing what she was doing in a male-dominated, Igbo-controlled movie business, with no God father and zero budget… Hmm… no small feat at all.

 Fast-forward to 2013, Emem is still witty, funny and passionate about her craft (I don't know where the quietness went to sha!) and I'm glad to say hugely successful. She has consistently continued to produce quality movies that touch the heart, inspiring a legion of actresses, actors and would-be producers along the way.

She has mentored and inspired many (especially the women) and let them know that you do not have to go to the proverbial 'casting couch' to make it in any field. As her Publicist and one of her writers, I personally have learnt from Emem's humility, open-heartedness and vast creativity.As she marks her birthday today, I, Bola Aduwo wish her many, many happy returns, God's blessings, favour and success. :D

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