Thursday, September 5, 2013


This is a Special message by Emem Isong on her birrthday! Enjoy!

Birthday celebrations are landmarks we use to mark several stages in our lives; As children birthdaysare used to show love and appreciation for the child by the parent and foradults, it is aimed at celebrating success and one’s contribution to society atlarge at such milestones as silver jubilee, golden jubilee , diamond jubileeetc.

As I add another year,I cannot help but look at the milestones in my life and be thankful to God.Truly He has been faithful. When I began my journey as an impressionable, idealisticyoung lady, truly I had no idea how far I would go or what would be in thecards for me. As I veered off the well-beaten path and decide to fjord my ownroad in the still virgin territory of film making, all I had was my God and aburning desire to succeed in the dream that refused to leave me. That was tosee the stories in my head come to life. With perseverance, passion and prayer,I eventually saw those dreams slowly but surely become a reality. I givegratitude to God Almighty for He has truly been my shield and buckler, mystrength and my helper in everything.

To show myappreciation, I will like to give back by granting scholarships to six talentedand blessed individuals (Each from one of the six geo-political zones) in thecountry to study in Royal Arts Academy. This is in a bid to promotenational unity and integration. Also I come from the school of thought that believesthat if you give a man a fish you can only help him temporary. However, if youteach him how to fish you provide for him for life.
Information and modalities for thescholarships will be announced soon so keep a look out for that on my Twitterhandle @ememisong and on the Royal Arts blog Finally, I am truly humbledby the heart-felt messages and well wishes I received on my birthday from manywho called by phone, BB, Facebook etc to wish me happy birthday. Thank you so much and may God reward you richly.    

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